Llama & Alpaca

Our SPECIAL APPEARANCE Llama(s) & Alpaca(s) attend Birthday Parties, Photography sessions, Weddings (meet & greet guests!), Corporate functions, and much more! Yes, we can dress them up (based on our supplies) or you can provide the decorations you'd like us to incorporate onto them for the perfect special appearance!

Rent A Llama For A Party Near Me

** Some pictures below are taken & edited by professional photographers for their clients. Results vary.



We are more than happy to accept requests for a specific animal and will most likely be able to accommodate that request.

However, due to schedules, or any other extenuating circumstance, you may not receive the specific animal that was requested.

Please rest assured that each and every one of our animals are well kept, well-mannered and eager to please.

Due to the nature of animals; no particular animal is guaranteed to attend an event/party. (Luckily this rarely happens).

We reserve the right to substitute, change or not include animals for any reason. Our main concern is ALWAYS the health, comfort, and safety of our animals.

Not all animals that are shown on our website will be available to hire/attend or are still in our possession, as animals may pass on or be rehomed.  However we do only show pictures of animals that we currently own or have owned in the past as example pictures, we do not use pictures of other people's/companies animals.

Rent A Llama For A Party Near Me